International Conference On Culture, Education, Linguistics, and Literature (CELL) 2019 Background

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International Conference On Culture, Education, Linguistics, and Literature (CELL) 2019 Background

The rapid development of information and communication technology on information continously encourages the global society known as Industrial Revolution 4.0. It was first introduced by German Economist, Klaus Schwab, in his book entittled “The Fourth Industrial Tecnology” in 2012. The complexity and interconnected sector in our daily life urge all stakeholders of the global society (goverments, business actors, academicians, and civil society) have the responsibility to work together.

The industrial revolution 4.0 era requires us not only changing ‘what we do’ but also ‘who we are’ which individuality influences our identity and other related aspects including personality, ownership, consumption pattern, working time and leisure management, career development, and skills to develop. In addition, the industrial revolution 4.0 also influences the way we communicate and interact with people; build the social relationship, hierarchical structure as well as the human existence values. These conditions may threaten the local wisdom when facing the present new modernity.

This International conference on Culture, Education, Linguistics, and Literature 2018 would like to invite all recearchers, lecturers, practitioners, profesionals, and students to exchange and share their experience, new ideas, and findings related to any aspect in preserving the local wisdom (and identities) in this Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. This conference will bridge the scientific role and become an interdisiplinary dialectical study on Humanities and Education to face the industrial revolution 4.0 era.

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