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Faculty of Humanities Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

To produce academics who have good character and have extensive knowledge in the fields of language, literature, cultural studies, and language education and are able to compete at the national, regional and international levels.

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The Independent Campus Learning System

Student Exchange

Take classes or semesters at domestic or foreign universities, based on cooperation agreements that have been entered into by the government or institution.

Teaching Assistant

A learning channel that provides students with the opportunity to study outside campus for one semester to practice their skills in solving complex problems by becoming teacher partners.


Internship program directly supervised by the Ministry of Education and Culture for 1 (one) semester to gain work experience and knowledge of best practices from the industry you are interested in!

Thematic Real Work Lectures

Community service lectures with certain themes based on the specific needs of the community and paying attention to certain areas of expertise from each study program/department.

Independent Studies

A program that provides students with the opportunity to learn specific and practical competencies directly from experts for 1 (one) semester through learning activities and direct practice..


Learning activities to develop critical thinking for students who have passions for becoming researchers to deepen, understand and be able to carry out research methods well.


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